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Redox potential measurement

ORP sensors

For ORP measurement we offer classical Pt 271T and Pt271TK metal sensors with a platinum scanning electrode...

ORP Analyzer

This analyzer can measure ORP simultaneously from two sensors or it can measure ORP and pH.

ORP (and pH) Measurement Sets

ORP (and pH) Measurement Set consist of...

Application examples

You may deduce whether the measured location is in an aerobic or anaerobic area according to...

  • Effective automatic sensor cleaning
  • Integrated lightning protection
  • Galvanic separated serial communication RS 485 MODBUS
  • WIFI
  • Up to 12 measuring channels (pH and temperature) simultaneously
  • Up to 8 output relays

ORP measurement has been becoming increasingly important. This measurement is utilized, for example, for the control and monitoring of denitrification processes in biological wastewater treatment plants, for control and monitoring of the neutralization processes or for permanganate dosing in water treatment plants.

This measurement method can also be used for measuring low chlorine concentration, chlorine dioxide or ozone in pure water.

A basic precondition for reliable, correct and clear ORP measurement is the automatic cleaning of the measurement metal electrode, which has to ensure a perfectly reproducible electrode surface during the whole measurement time. The only way to achieve this in the process is by mechanical cleaning of the electrode. Experience shows that in INSA system implementation this method of electrode cleaning is ideal. It ensures long-time reproducible and true measurement.

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