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  • Optical oxygen sensor – no recalibration needed, minimal maintenance cost
  • Galvanically separated RS 485 MODBUS
  • WIFI
  • Automatic sensor cleaning
  • Long life of oxygen sensor
  • Up to 12 measuring channels
  • Up to 8 output relays

Automatic cleaning of oxygen sensors means comfortable and no-service operation during measuring oxygen in an arbitrary location and for any water quality. There is no problem with slime, fibre substances and other impurities.

Oxygen sensor without automatic cleaning in aeration tank with water containing slime micro organisms after 1 week exposition without manual cleaning.

Oxygen sensor with automatic cleaning in aeration tank with water containing slime micro organisms after 12 months exposition without any manual cleaning.

Dissolved oxygen concentration is one of the main indicators of water quality. It is an important indicator of surface water pollution and a significant parameter, which crucially determinates the effectiveness of the nitrification and denitrification process in biological water treatment plants. The maintenance of an optimal level of oxygen concentration enables the optimization of the wastewater plant process and the attainment of high quality cleaned water. Costs for aeration equipment electric power consumption is at a minimum.

Probes with an automatic cleaning of the oxygen sensor are very suitable for usage in sewage water treatment plants. The probe will thoroughly clean the sensor from sediments on the separating membrane (in regular intervals), so that there is no need to manually clean the sensor. The cleaning is effective even in cases where the measured water contains mucilaginous or filamentous micro-organisms, in cases where the sensors have to be cleaned daily and in cases where other cleaning systems or methods are ineffective. The system does not need any other external elements (such as a compressor with a container, or a water or pressurised air distribution system). The system is simple, cheap and reliable. The maintenance of the system is reduced to the need of its re-calibration several times a year.

Oxygen concentration significantly influences the functioning of processing treatment. This is an essential parameter in fish breeding. In the food industry oxygen influences fermentation process and food storage.

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