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Conductivity measurement

Conductivity Sensors

For conductivity measurement we offer a 2-electrode glass sensor with a large glossy platinum surface...

Conductivity analyzer

The MSV 66 analyzer is a dual channel apparatus. It can measure conductivity twice...

Conductivity Measurement Sets

Conductivity Measurement Set consist of...

  • Galvanic separated RS 485 MODBUS
  • WIFI
  • Integrated lightning protection
  • Up to 12 measuring channels
  • Up to 8 output relays

The conductivity value monitors the total ion concentration in the measured solution, which comprises secondary information about the total volume of salts, free acids and alcalines. The basic unit for conductivity measurement is S/m. In practice most used units are uS/cm and mS/cm. For water solutions conductivity starts at 0.05 uS/cm for ultra clean water and ends at values of 1S/cm for some alcalines.

Aside from ion concentration, ion movement influences conductivity, which is particularly dependent on temperature. In usual cases temperature dependence can be considered as being in line with a temperature dependence coefficient of about 2.2 %/°C. As the result of the measurement should usually be information about the total volume of salt, it is necessary to eliminate temperature dependence. Therefore conductivity measurement apparatuses convert the actual measured value to conductivity, which should be measured at 25 °C.

The measured conductivity can be influenced by sensor pollution, above all, by pollution with a non-conducting coating.

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