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Analyzer stations

  • Efficient automatic cleaning of all sensors
  • Minimum demand on maintenance
  • Modular design
  • Almost zero installation cost
  • Continuous measurement of all variables
  • No water treatment befor measurement
  • No additional chemicals

INSA manufactures compact stations or individual set of analyzers enabling customer to assemble his own measuring set. Compact station comprises analytical part (analyzers, probes, interconnection cables) and also all necessary hydraulic parts (overflow vessel for ensuring optimal flow, closing valves, calibration and sample vessel, piping). Compact station enables easy installation. After installing transfer pumps at tapping point and connection to sewage piping and eventually interconnection to long distance transmission or computer, it can be put into operation within a few hours.

Measured variables

  • Oxygen concentration
  • pH and ORP
  • Conductivity
  • Total kontent of organics – UV photometry (SAK)
  • Turbidity
  • Temperature

Compact station is delivered with analyzers for measurement of pH, ORP, oxygen concentration, conductivity, total content of organics (UV absorbancy), turbidity, water and air temperature. Station can be equipped with submersible or flow-through probes, which measure pH, ORP, oxygen concentration, conductivity and temperature at tapping points up to 1000 m distance from station.

All sensors incl. sensing part of optical unit of UV Analyzer have very efficient automatic cleaning, which significantly increases measurement quality and reduces demands on operation personnel.

All flow-through lines are constructed to minimize the risk of clogging with insoluble particles or biological growth.

Measured values are available for further evaluation as standard analogue signals (0/4 - 20mA), or can be transferred via serial output RS 485. Up to 15 000 measured values can be stored in the memory of each analyzer. Serial interface enables besides transfer of measured values (actual or archived) also other functions, for example long distance setting of measured value parameters from control room.

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