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Multi-parameter Meter MFD 79OPTO

Pocket multiparameter instrument MFD 79OPTO is a successor of successful pocket oxymeter MFD 79. In contrast to its predecessor, the instrument makes use of optical sensor CSOT 53LZ for oxygen measurement. The instrument measures also pH value, oxidation-reduction potential, and temperature. It is also capable to record measured values and generate graphs.

Optical sensor allows you to properly measure also at zero movement of water to be measured, and practically without recalibration.

The instrument is ideal for unqualified personnel, and will satisfy also a sophisticated user.



  • Measurement is possible also at extremely small movement of water in ponds and reservoirs without additional stirring
  • Measured oxygen concentration is available immediately after switching the instrument on. It is not necessary to wait until the sensor becomes polarized
  • No electrolyte - no problems with drying-out or freezing of electrolyte.
  • Backlighted graphic COG LCD display – comfortable measurement also in the dark
  • Instrument measures oxygen concentration in mg/l and also in per cent of saturation, pH value, oxidation-reduction potential, and temperature
  • Possibility to record measured quantities and generate graphs
  • Protection of configuration level with a password reliably protects from unauthorized or accidental intervention to the set mode and constants
  • Power supply from two primary cells or rechargeable batteries – size AA
  • Small dimensions, low weight

Typical applications

  • Monitoring of surface water – brooks, rivers, lakes, ponds, water reservoirs
  • Sewerage water – measurement in all technological nodal points of biological water treatment plants – input channels, nitrifying, denitrifying tanks, tank of reverse sludge, neutralization, output channels
  • Fish breeding facilities – ponds, fish rearing plants, store-ponds, fishbowls
  • Food processing industry – monitoring of beverage durability
  • Production of drinking water – raw water (pH, oxygen), flotation, clarifying, filter preparation (ORP), alkalinization, check of treated water
  • Decontamination processes

Thanks to the fact that the oxygen sensor does not need any water movement for proper measurement, additional stirring is not necessary not even at minimum or zero movement of water to be measured (measurement in ponds or reservoirs). It is also possible to carry out point measurement, to map three-dimensional stratification of oxygen e.g. in shallow highly eutrophicated water – ponds or swamps.

The oxygen sensor is equipped with a high-quality plastic membrane ensuring long lasting operation without necessity of frequent recalibration.

Exchange of membrane head (after approximately two-year operation) is at the most simple. Unscrew an old membrane head and screw a new head on the sensor.

With respect to the fact that miniature pH sensor and ORP are stored during transport and storage in transportation cases filled with preservation solution – they are immediately ready for measurement. At measurement, pH membrane sensor is protected with protective case against mechanical damage.

Protection grade of the case is IP 54 – instrument is protected against dust and splashing water.

Practical neoprene case protects instrument and sensors by transport and storage.

The instrument is powered from two AA primary cells, which will ensure about 800 hour operation. The instrument may also be powered from rechargeable batteries.

Measurement range Oxygen 0,1 to 20 mg/l or 0,1 - 200%
pH 0,00 to 14,00
OPR ±1000 mV
Temperature -4 to 50.0 °C
Display backlight graphic
Basic accuracy Oxygen ±1% of range (0,0 to 150,0%)
±5% of range (150,0 to 200,0%)
Basic accuracy pH ±0,5% of range
Basic accuracy ORP ±1 mV
Basic accuracy Temperature ±0,2°C
Supply two primary cells or rechargeable batteries - AA
Life-time cca 700 hours (without backlight)
Cover IP 54
Dimensions 120 x 65 x 22 mm
Weight cca 200 g

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