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Ion Selective Measurement

Portable Instruments for ISE Measurement

It is possible to simultaneously measure ISE and pH or ORP

Desktop Instruments for ISE Measurement

Instrument can simultaneously measure 2 samples by means of ISEInstrument can simultaneously measure 2 samples by means of ISE...

Ion Selective Electrodes

Unless otherwise stated, they have a diameter of Ø12 mm and overall length of 145 mm...

Reference Electrodes

Reference electrodes serve as a source of stable electrical potential. They have a glass or plastic case - diameter 12mm, cap. diameter 16mm and overall length 145mm.

Temperature Sensor

The TNiK 115 sensor is provided for temperature measurement...

Calibration Solutions for ISE Measurement

Packed in 500ml and 1000ml PE bottles concentration at 20°C...

Auxiliary Materials

All referent solutions and solutions for salt bridges, calibration solutions for ion selective electrode measurement...

Accessories for ISE Measurement

TB 02 - Leather transport bag with electrode case for 66 series meters...

Ion selective electrodes are modern analytical sensors for potentiometrical definition of very wide range of ion analyzers. If is done by utilizing of various methods of evaluation, which are used in analytical laboratories and agriculture, food industry, biochemistry, pharmacy, medicine, for ecological measurement of surface, deep, drinking and waste waters and other samples, in tribodiagnostic, for analyze of explosives and pyrotechnical… in research laboratories etc.
Examples of some ISE applications:

  • Ca ISE - water hardness determination - titrimetrically
  • NO3 ISE - nitrates in drinking water, in vegetables
  • F ISE - fluoride in drinking water, in urine of exposed workers
  • Ba ISE - sulphates in water – titrimetry by/with barium chloride
  • K ISE - potassium in biological and biochemical samples
  • Cl ISE - chlorides in water, by direct potentiometry or by argentometrical titrimetry

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