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Company profile

1992 - Starting up the company
1999 - Founding a new workshop in the company’s premises in Prague

Water – its properties and measuring – has been our mission for almost 15 years. We measure the most important parameters of water quality - be it drinking water or sewage water at municipal wastewater treatment plants, water works and industrial facilities. Our instruments help during drinking and sewage water treatment, and during food-production and chemical processes. Thanks to our instruments, it is possible to optimize processing, save energy or other costs, and protect the environment.

INSA develops and manufactures all the instruments and accessories that you will find on these websites. That is why we know everything about them. We can meet the individual demands of our customers; we can recommend and produce the best solution for each particular application.

We attain precious information due to our permanent contact with customers – used in further development and improvement of our products. We pay extraordinary attention not only to transducers or sensors, but also to, for example, an ordinary clamp. We want our instruments to be easy and comfortable to install if you happen to decide to do it by yourselves. We follow new trends and technologies, so you will be always on the top with our products.

If you choose INSA, you will obtain:

  • reliable instruments allowing you to have precise information on measured values – at all circumstances
  • comfortable accessories for easy, pleasant and no-service utilization of our instruments
  • precious information as we recommend you the best solution suited just for you
  • tailor-made services as we choose from our network of dealers and technicians those located next to you - thus meeting your individual demands

We look forward to cooperating with you.

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